donderdag 20 maart 2014


Weak nutmeg scattered on my nerves.
I am too close to the phosphor dots, my hair is becoming dull.
An emission in my head of tangles of sea coral, spreading.
I am my own witness, of my own suction.
From my right ear, over my eye lids, to my left ear I am blue painted.
Bared black wet teeth staring at my fingers.
I lower the last measly piece of fabric off of my body.
The hyena mesmerizes me with its eyes.
Hypnotized with atmospheres of morning sun heat.
Aventurine stones creaking, ginger peels crawling, wings of incense.
A cloud of fire arises, illustrating.
I see clear crystal forming an untold truth, in the embodiment of a white stallion.
Shamanic drumming colludes with the galloping of the white stallion.
As I try to understand what I see, I become the white stallion.

zaterdag 30 november 2013


The truth is self renewing.
Sweating in mirroring keys.
Speaking of the world globe.
Round of checkerboards black and white.
So I play my lyre to dither through the ground,
to reach the sweetest grass.
When arrived, I jubilate.
I jubilate in bewildered fire with the most beautiful.
Moving as one in the pattern of braiding in the form of our terrific own.
Echo, echo.
Amid ponderously fluid vocalizing,
I foresee the unborn delivering.
The deliviring of legendary strong rhythmic groove of electric bass and drums.
Creating union.
Twenty five, eighty six.
Flying carpets, angel wings.
Howling wolfs, purified livers.
Every cell gathered.

vrijdag 20 september 2013


I am in the locus of locomotive televisions.
Vital anyplace.
Feet marching unrevealed.
I remain in one minute ago.
Halved planet wafting on a plate of braided grass,
Sway, sway.
First off I think of,
my last crowning.
Of powdery convulsions.
To simplify voltage.
Rowing silver through glory.
The chair purrs to me.
I nod.
Wrinkled mucus in the size of a smile.
Slowly showering in long licks.
Glass cracks in my feet.
A remiss brake.
Over the hoops of years.
The desire to be.
My desire to be redeemed.
Just have I realized.
To sew my untidy.
Toward ennobling,
I stand still in knowing.
I am in a locomotive television.

dinsdag 10 september 2013


Church bells,
beheaded sheep,
wolves howling.
Black fireworks.
I see double.
My head has become a hive.
Cords above,
from memories.
Big knots in nature.
From cords of her own.
Memory lanes of the ones split into two at once.
It is closer than ever.
Tiny holes in the palm of my hands,
retching through.
Its strong lurid scent satisfactorily drenches me to fading.
Kept too long from me.
My strong lurid scent.
The demo.
The beginning.
Once again,
on the highway in space gold lined to death.
Twenty five, eighty six.
Mummified white rooms in the dots I take in.
White cage lowering me down to land.
Thousand corners.
Padding me with every one's exposure to plethoric seclusion.
The medley of the addicted.
After my final moment,
decipher my spine.
Wear my teeth on your clavicle.
Change, marble change.
My third pencil's grey is freezing.
Glitters thrown,
smiles over coffee.
Where breath has not ever been taken,
I can  matter.
Imprint my last pip of salt in one cosmic wave.
Let the church bells jangle lustily.
Hanging up the phone, now.
Suppose I had further questions.

vrijdag 30 augustus 2013


The dandy offers in the archaic balletroom.
Fine velvety white wools through my nasal.
Animating the fire of my loins.
The extracts of French grapes,
and red wines of the virgins.
Sweet ginger syrup and
melodic rum.
Praise for the prince of the air to come.
Clothed in brilliant light, 
and masquerading.
He would appear out of nothing in the room.
Reversing time,
deluding rhythm.
To choose the peerless virgin.
To be the pearl of his dome near the dark river.
I would see the baboon, the cow and the cobra.
Beasts for ages unseen appearing.
To witness.
The disclosure of the luxurious, lucre of a woman.
Encore, encore. 
The space prophets obeyed.
Leaving through one door of cosmic dust.
To the elegance of blackness.
The mercurial reality of intensity,
where the essence of the structure of all that is form and formless.
Only left were the unchosen.

Also published here on Uut Poetry

zaterdag 20 juli 2013

Fuchsia licht, Roze zeden

Ik wil dat de avond mij geeft waar ik voor op straat ben.
Onthoofde vrouwenlichamen, bloot voor mij.
Een list, gesneden rozenkransen.
Mag ik mij aan jou voorstellen, vrouw met vlees van lust?
Mond open, benen gespreid.
Ik verlang naar jou drum spel in mijn tempel.
Wrijven, wormen, kwijlen.
Een nijl varen van verlangen.
Het vangen van vissen die smaken naar aardbei.
Onder het licht van een fuchsia roze lamp.
Verdronken in lust op een droog bed.
Huid dat fluistert in mijn huid.
Sopperig van zweet.
Ik kom dichterbij mijn hoogte.
Mijn denken verlaat mij, ik ga mijn gang.
Tijd legt zich naast ons neer.
Een slok van stilte, jou kus neemt mijn stem weg.
Ik sluit mijn ogen.
God verlichtend vloeit mijn bloed, warm, uit mijn derde been
Nimmer voelde vrijheid zó vrij.
Met één vrouw wilde ik de natuur en astrologie vergeten.
In het geheim gevreeën met de nacht.
Vuil in de lucht door de kolenverbranding van mijn fantasie.
Gegeven schoonheid op mijn rauw geweten.

Eerder gepubliceerd in Wassily's Frisbee, tijdschrift Schoon Schip Feb 2013,
thema ''Verlangen''.

maandag 10 juni 2013


Free at last.
Incense of jade vine burning.
The praised are the chained from the golden age.
reassure thy self worth.
We are a concoction of the crowned, compassionate and chosen.
Only found near the Holy.
No dependence on what belongs to the world.
Rewards of God are inward.
As the mastering of emotions.
Imitative untruth, untold magic, underestimating of self-strength.
The living dead value money.
Serious negotiating over diminishing people into laundry over more money.
While more money is virtual freedom.
Guard your areola.
Always refine the search to who you are.
Fortuitous rose baths, fruitful women, clear air.
Demand what you deserve.
The only loss is your mind lost.
Morning glory, knowledge rising.
Taking the train, to be years on the way.
When you can walk home,
elevating your mind,
quickly step by step.
To enjoy lifelong enlightenment within your assertiveness.
Love is sacred,
a choice worthy to live for,
the deep pith of the spirit.
Death is a broken promise.
Bones stay left and lifeless.
For the last command of the believer is to stand up.
To go through the seven reflections of the earth,
to be at the gates of infinity.
Where freedom is the unwritten law,
and silence is the nature.
To enter,
is to be free at last.